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Gloves? Yes, they do have a limited appeal. But if, like me, you really need help for your hands, you probably have a drawer -- or two -- stuffed with the relics remaining from many attempts at finding the right thing. If you have sore skin, you may not want much compression, maybe none at all. If arthritis is the bigger issue, you may want compression gloves, good and durable ones. In addition to the open-finger gloves sewn with the sheer mesh fabrics, I make a type using thicker stretchy fabric that is very soft and feels great on the hands. The heavier gloves (in a medium-weight fabric, actually) are nice in the cooler weather, of course, and while they are not compression gloves, they will hug the hands a bit depending on the fit. As of now, I only make what I call "work gloves" although they are certainly not typical of such. I suppose my gloves could be called delicate, but they are not trying to be glamorous. They're not what a bridal party or formal pr…